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Hidalgo Imports was founded in 2006 by Antonio Hidalgo in Miami, Florida. Antonio Hidalgo is the 8th generation of Sherry winemakers, Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana, in Spain. La Gitana was founded in 1792 and is still family owned and operated. His involvement in wine since childhood has given him the opportunity to be at the forefront of changes and evolution of Spanish wines in the last three decades. Antonio had always envisioned positioning wines from his native country of Spain into the United States, thus creating Hidalgo Imports.

Over the years with the natural growth of the company and customers needs for wines from other countries growing, Hidalgo Imports started importing and commercializing wines from Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, California, Peru, New Zealand and so on. Today the company has expanded operations and has added another warehouse in Tampa, FL to fully service Central and Northern Florida customers and meet their needs properly.

Special care is given to all the wines represented, and  added to the portfolio. Antonio personally chooses each wine and focuses on working closely with producers while supporting family owned vineyards that put hard work and pride into every single bottle.

The growth of the company is due to the excellent customer service provided by the entire sales and logistics force. Hidalgo Imports values strong and close relationships with all customers and consider them the main driver and shaper of the company’s future.

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